[RPG] What spells other than remove curse can cancel a Cursed Blade? Any level please, any spell caster type


The cursed blade spell description says "any damage caused by a cursed weapon cannot be cured by ANY means until the damaged individual has received a removed curse spell (or some other effect that neutralises a curse." A creature we attacked with a cursed blade immediately healed without the cursed effect so could not cast remove curse in a players initiative turn. We thought about Contingency but this spell description describes only one spell to take affect when it is triggered. Other things happened like healing so remove curse could not be part of this contingency. I would like to know what other spells cancel cursed blade

Best Answer

The Cursed Blade spell is only a 4th level necromancy spell. It's not an artifact, and there are several means by which it could be overcome.

  • Cursed Blade is not Magic Weapon. If the NPC had sufficient damage resistance, it could definitely have ignored the attack and the immediately healing could have been that effect. (Remember that DR is per-hit, not per-round.)

  • If you'd used this spell before, the NPC may have protected themselves with Spell Immunity.

  • The NPC may also have been by a Globe of Invulnerabilty, possibly using metamagic or a variant spell which affects only the caster.

  • the NPC may even have been in possession of some wondrous item that renders them immune to all curses in general, or this curse in particular. (Or they could be under the protection of, or themselves be, a demigod.)

However, while there are innumerable ways for an NPC capable of casting Time Stop to avoid a paltry 4th level spell, the 200-hp of damage you mention your comments makes me suspect an alternate conclusion, which requires less of an Exalted-Charm-Fu style Xanatos Gambit of spellcasting and instead can be explained only by the rules in the book. I suspect you were fighting an illusion.

It's hard to know for certain without having actually been there, but a key tell for, say, a Major Image is an apparent immunity to damage. Since none of your players suggested this at the time, they obviousl believed it-- and your DM was well within the rules to take that as reason to deny you any chance to disbelieve.

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