[RPG] What traits will help a tetori monk grapple better


I'm looking for some help to pick the best traits for my PC in a Rise of the Runelords campaign.

The GM's allowed my tetori monk to take three traits. I want to use them to ramp up my PC's Combat Maneuver Bonus and Defense, with a core objective being to help him grapple better. I already picked the racial trait Bred for War for my first trait. What other traits would be best to make my tetori monk become a wrestling / grappling machine?

Other PCs include a fighter, a wizard, and a rogue.

Best Answer

Considering that Bred for War grants a trait bonus on your CMB and CMD already, most traits that will either improve your CMB, CMD or grapple checks will not stack with it.

That leaves only untyped bonuses, and traits that grant a higher bonus, or traits that grant a bonus to your AC, which indirectly increases your CMD.

  • Equality for All - +2 CMB/CMD versus opponents that are two (or more) size categories larger than your character. (does not stack)

  • Bent Body (Tiefling) - +2 to CMD when resisting grapple attempts. (does not stack)

  • Final Embrace (Damphir) - +2 grapple checks to pin your target. (does not stack)

  • Traits similar to Reckless Luck (there are quite a few) - +2 to AC on the first round of combat when you make a charge. This will indirectly increase your CMD against grapple checks since you gained a bonus to your AC. (stacks)

  • Heirloom weapon will not stack, but since it grants a higher bonus, you take the +2. However, you cannot grapple with weapons (in fact, you take a penalty if you don't have two free hands, and you are not an outsider) unless you use a weapon with the Grapple quality (Grappling Hook, Mancatcher, Kumade, etc), or the weapon has a special ability that allows you to, such as the Blade of Binding.

As far as i know, there are no traits that grant untyped bonus to grapple checks.