[RPG] What type of action is sheathing a weapon and equipping another


I have seen both the "What action type is switching two items between hands" question and the Master at arms feat referenced within.

My question is: Suppose I have an elven cleric with both a mace or a two-handed sword and a bow. She has the sword in hand, and the bow across her back. What kind of action, if any, would sheathing the sword and equipping the bow be?

From the feat I can assume that, if possible, it should normally be a standard action, and it also makes sense. OTOH, the rules might have it as a move action. Any reference welcome.

I couldn't find this info in the Heroes Of books or the DM Book, and I don't have the Rules compendium with me right now.

Best Answer

Page 237 of the Rules Compendium states:

Minor Actions

Draw or sheathe a weapon

So to answer your question, your Elven Cleric would have to take two Minor actions; 1 to sheathe her sword and another to draw her bow (with a Free action to load it.)

On a related side note: your Elven Cleric could take the Master at Arms feat (Heroes of the Fallen Lands page 316) which allows the PC to use a minor action to both sheathe a weapon and draw another one.