[RPG] Who has escaped the Lady of Pain’s mazes and how was that escape made


The adventure Faction War tells the story of Factol Rowan Darkwood and his bid to take over Sigil. As part of this plot he is imprisoned in a Maze by the Lady of Pain, but his foresight allows his quick escape. Sure, Her Serenity still came out on top, but it made me wonder: Are there other canonical escapes from Her Mazes? Or is Darkwood unique?

Examples from adventures, novels, sourcebooks, and video games are welcome.

Best Answer

The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment can escape the Maze. (via a portal puzzle that doesn't appear to require any special skills/abilities, and just involves wandering around and using them in a specific order)

Of course, he IS immortal and as I recall getting sent there is optional in the first place, so it might not be present in the canon retelling of the story.