[RPG] Why is the full plate armor penalty only -6 when plate arms are at -7


Piecemeal armor rules say plate arms have an armor penalty of -7, and that when combining multiple pieces you take the worst armor penalty, and that a suit of full plate includes the plate arms. Thus I'm confused about why the armor penalty for a full set is only -6, and not -7.

Best Answer

Full-plate implies a single set of armor, each plate carefully devised to fit against one another and fit the intended owner’s body. Plate armor was custom-made and when made well, frequently was actually rather flexible and wearable, despite its weight and stiff protective areas.

So it makes sense that putting together a bunch of piecemeal armor would be more cumbersome than the custom-fitted armor.

What makes zero sense is that you get all of that ACP from just one piece, as Squish points out. Design-wise, taking the worst ACP from the bunch rather than having some additive system is just bizarre.