[RPG] Would any issues arise from letting Sorcerers select different Metamagic options after a long rest


I am running a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign for my family, and they will shortly be reaching 3rd level. My (8-year-old) son is playing a Sorcerer, and so will gain access to Metamagic options.

Both because it's more forgiving generally, and also in acknowledgement that my players are inexperienced and (in my kids' case) young, I'm largely in favour of rules that let them change out any options that aren't working well for them. I'm already using the November 2019 Unearthed Arcana "Class Features", which e.g. lets Clerics switch out a Cantrip on levelling, lets other (non-Wizard) spellcasters change one known spell after a long rest, lets martial classes change Fighting Style on levelling, and lets all classes change a proficiency along with their ASI.

However, the UA doesn't allow Sorcerers to switch out Metamagic options, and I wonder if this is deliberate. Is it likely to cause problems to allow the Sorcerer to change their two selected Metamagic options after a long rest, or alternatively on level up?

Best Answer

There are some Metamagic options that are more situational, and there might be some abuse you could do. There's two things I see:

Subtle Metamagic

In many campaigns and situations, this ability is pretty much useless. Somatic and verbal components hardly ever matter to your character, unless it's a flavor thing or your character likes lugging around heavy things in both hands.

But it's wonderful if you're ever captured or suddenly need to hide the origin of spells. So if you're locked up in a prison with bound hands, this Metamagic is awesome and being able to swap into it will be useful.

Extended Spell

This one lets you increase duration on a spell up to 24 hours, which is beyond the time it takes to rest and select a different one. So if you know you'll be doing some dungeon delving a few days in advance you can switch into Extended spell, cast a long duration buff just before bed, then swap back out and have an active spell for most of your adventuring day without spending a slot. Is that powerful? Depends on what spell you can find for it, I guess. Probably not very.

Other than that, I can see no serious abuses. Considering your situation of allowing flexibility to a new and young player, I would certainly just allow it. It's unlikely such a player can break anything with the option.