[SalesForce] How to block user from use the “Submit for Approval” button if some fields are blank

I have different approval processes on the same object and of course they require a different combination of entry criteria.

However, all of them share the fact that some fields are mandatory for the submission. If I add them to the list of entry criteria there will simply be no available Approval Process. What I want is to block the submission of approval and display an alert that inform the user of the missing fields.

What Salesforce feature do you suggest?

Best Answer

One route is to use record types to control whether the submit for approval will be shown. If you have a lot of types of submissions, then this would be a bad way to go.

A route I have went is to create a specific actions on the record for the type of approval with required fields and then have a specific hidden field that triggers process builder. This works very well, but as you start have a lot of approvals, it can get busy.

Another route is to use visual workflows. It is both classic and lightning approved. You can have them give input and require fields. You can then submit for approval after completion of the flow.