[SalesForce] What are the functions can be used along with Text Area Field

I have a custom text field on custom object where i am using CONTAINS to check whether a particular string value is present in that text field or not, same CONTAINS if i try to use on TEXT AREA FIELD, it is not working as expected.

Is there any functions/methods available to check whether particular string value is present in TEXT AREA FIELD.??

Best Answer

CONTAINS does work on a LTA field. However, note that CONTAINS is cAsE-sEnSiTiVe, so you may need to also use UPPER or LOWER to make valid checks. All of the TEXT functions (LEN, LEFT, MID, RIGHT, SUBSTITUTE, CONTAINS, UPPER, LOWER, BEGINS, etc) should work. There are a few oddities, like ISBLANK doesn't seem to work correctly, but you can mostly work around those without Apex Code.