Learn English – Take the car (underground) and get the car (underground)


I know than we can say

let's go by car


let's take the car (because it is too far to walk – and I already have the car nearby.)

But, can we say:

Let's get the car

And the same with the underground. We can say:

Let's go by underground.
Let's take the underground.

But, can we say:

Let's get the underground

I know about that 'take' is more AE and 'get' is more BE, but I'm not sure that it is correct to use 'get' with 'underground' and 'car' in BE in the meaning 'go by'.

Best Answer

I believe the word take in, "let's take the car" is implying that you bring the car with you where you go. Get doesn't seem to connote this and thus doesn't seem to fit.