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Why are women called chicks? Is there a negative connotation, I do assume there are sexist undertones there. Any idea about the etymology or origin of the term?

Is it derived, in anyway, from 'chic' meaning elegantly and stylishly fashionable?

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The etymology and origin of the term has been answered by Hugo so I will limit myself to answering the first two questions.

Why are women called chicks? Is there a negative connotation...

Chick is considered by many women a derogatory term. Why is that? Probably because its primary meaning is that of young bird especially of domestic fowl, more commonly a baby chicken, if you will.

But wait a minute, chicks are pretty fluffy yellow things, they symbolize spring, re-birth, and they are adorably cute too, so the term should be seen a compliment. It might be until we realize that the idiom, "bird brained" refers to a person regarded as silly or stupid. And chickens are famously recognized as being stupid animals. Therefore, chick can describe a pretty (and usually) very young female, but it also implies that the woman is vacuous and empty-headed.

Overall, chick, I would argue carries more negative connotations than positive ones.