[Ethereum] Geth Chaindata size


I did the blockchain sync from scratch via geth in command line. The current size of the chaindata folder is 68 GB. Is this normal or am I missing something. Also there is a .ethash folder with 66 GB created. I will soon run out of space if this continues. Any suggestions?

Best Answer

I believe that Geth is planning to have a pruning function eventually, but it isn't available yet. If you resync from scratch using --fast it should reduce the size to around 11GiB. The .ethash folder is used for mining, and it can be deleted if you are not mining. It will be recreated if it is ever needed.

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Update: Geth v1.5.0 includes an option for a light client. This will take your chain data down to under 200MB. Just start geth with the --light option. You can then optionally delete the main chain data.

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