[Ethereum] Geth Fast is running for hours


So I started using geth with --fast and it is still syncing (after more then 12 hours). Is there a way to make it happen faster?

I have tried light before, the same happened but it stopped it after 6 hours.


NB: I have a 2 Mbps internet.

Best Answer

FYI: --fast is default if you start geth the first time with no blocks downloaded. If you restart geth after initial start, --fast doesn't work anymore (it only works starting from scratch).

If you have an SSD, it's expected to take 3-6h. If you have a spinning HDD, it might take days (so i wouldn't recommend it).

Try adding --cache 2048 or --cache 4096 if you have a lot of RAM (8/16GB) to help the sync a little bit (default is 1024).

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