Pokemon-go – Are Fighting-type moves viable against Snorlax


Knowing that Fighting type moves are super effective against Snorlax, we might choose them. But since Fighting type Pokemons have low HP, we might choose other type of Pokemons with Fighting moves.

However, is it true that, even though with Type Effectiveness considered, say, for a Rhydon:

Rock Smash     DPS 10.6 x 1.25 = 13.25    (x 1.25 for type effectiveness)
Mud Slap       DPS 13.9 (with STAB)

So it really is not so useful to choose fast fighting moves to fight against Snorlax. I checked all 3 fast fighting moves: Karate Chop, Low Kick, and Rock Smash, and Rock Smash is already the most powerful of all 3. So in the case of Rhydon, it really is more effective to choose a Rhydon with Mud Slap than Rock Smash to fight against a Snorlax.

Actually, to have a good fighting charge move, we need Cross Chop (the other two fighting charge moves Brick Break and Low Sweep have low DPS). But for Cross Chop, it is only for: Primeape, Machamp, Machop, Machoke, Mankey, and Psyduck. So if we can't choose fighting type Pokemons due to low HP, and Psyduck has low HP and we can't choose it either, so we can really just forget about fighting type moves altogether?

Is the logic / reasoning mentioned above correct or is anything missing?

Best Answer

Much has changed in Pokemon Go since when this question was first posted. The super-effective damage multiplier is now 1.6x, not 1.25x. Rhydon now deals more damage to Snorlax with Rock Smash than Mud Slap. There are also many more Fighting-type moves, some of which are better than the ones available in 2016. For example, the fast move Counter and the charge move Dynamic Punch let Machamp deal the highest damage per second in gym or raid battles, but other good moves exist too. Machamp can beat a similarly levelled Snorlax even with Zen Headbutt using both of these moves. Pokemon stats have been rebalanced too in a way that benefited lower HP Pokemon more than higher HP Pokemon. This buffed most Pokemon, but this made Snorlax worse relative to other Pokemon due to its very large HP stat, especially considering it has more HP than every Fighting-type (and also Rhydon).

Overall with these changes, Fighting-type moves are now very viable against Snorlax, and many Pokemon with Fighting-type moves have a strong match-up against Snorlax, including the aforementioned Machamp and Rhydon.