Pokemon-go – way to fix which update version is shown in Pokémon Go


I recently got a new phone and switch from Android to iPhone. After I configured my phone, the first app I installed was Pokémon Go. The current version for iPhone is 1.29.1, which the app store reflects correctly.

enter image description here

I went into the settings to turn off music/sounds effects, but I noticed that it is displaying the latest version Android, being 0.59.1.

enter image description here

Is there a way I can fix this to display the correct update version?

Best Answer

After seeing @TimmyJim's comment and checking my own app, I realized that this isn't due to you switching phones. The number displayed in the iOS version of the app displays the Android version number. I have been using iPhones since 2010 and mine displays the same version as yours.

android version number on iOS

Thus, the app displaying the Android version number appears to be the "correct" behavior, so there is not a way to fix this.