[RPG] Am I giving too much treasure to the players in this encounter


I'm trying to make a campaign for a set of level 1 adventurers. The last encounter I am planning for this part to have them fight a Yeth hound, a tiefing rogue, and a catfolk ranger. The normal price for an 'epic' encounter for level 1 characters is 800 gp, but I'm not just giving them treasure. I want them to return some of the loot to the town that hired them, as well as basically ensuring the return of the elder's daughter. So I put this as my loot set

  • 50 GP

  • 100 SP (10 gold)

  • 4 PP (40 gold)

  • a Gold armlet with silver pearl in it belonging go Samantha Pearl (300 gp)

  • 400 GP’s worth of leftover trade goods (mostly metals that were being brought out) that had been stolen from the town. If the party returns the cart to the village of Ravenwatch they will get a Traveler's Anytool and a heroic reputation

  • The Belongings on the Ranger and Rogue. EDIT: their boxes state "NPC Gear" so

    *the rogue has studded leather armor, short sword, and light crossbow with 20 bolts.

    *The ranger has (studded leather armor, longbow with 20 arrows, longsword, other treasure)

  • Samantha Pearl’s gem. If returned to Ravenwatch intact, they gain the ability to stay at the local inn, the Songbird, for free, as well as the friendship and trust of the village elder.

Am I still giving my players way too much stuff?

Best Answer

Short answer: No, not yet.

In this chart you can see the expected wealth by level. By the time that they reach level 2 each character should have about 2000 gp worth of stuff (counting gear and coins etc.) -- To a degree this is balanced (i.e. the creature rating (CR) system counts on player characters being equipped with appropriate gear), but since there are many ways to spend gear it's also (like the CR system) merely a rough estimate.

Assuming four players the cash and rewards alone are worth almost 500 per player, plus unspecified belongings of a ranger and a rogue that aren't explained in the original post... anything magical?

This leaves you about as much left to give before they level up (unless the gear was awesome). - That's not too bad. You can always throw some animals or other things at them that don't provide gear, if they need more XP but not money before the next level.

Suggestion: I do suggest giving out magical gear as rewards if you want to limit their cash. - A cloak of resistance (+1) would make a good replacement for the 1000 GP reward. And it can't be split evenly. Maybe they take turns or maybe one of them owes the rest of the party part of the value, or maybe they accept that the next item will go to someone else. Either way it creates a kind of bond over the loot that splitting up gold just doesn't. - Similarly instead of having the reward for the trade goods be worth more than the goods themselves (doesn't make sense) have it be something more useful than gold such as a certain Tool