[RPG] Calculating AC for a monk/enlightened paladin


Monks get an AC bonus from WIS. The paladin archetype “Enlightened Paladin” from the Inner Sea Combat Guide gains an AC Bonus based off of CHA?

Can those stack?

Best Answer


I thought this was going to be a complicated stacking question, but looking at the Enlightened Paladin made it really simple. The monk's AC Bonus has always stacked with your Dex bonus to Armor Class, and the Enlightened Paladin's Confident Defense feature simply adds to your Dex bonus to AC, it's not a separate thing. So stack away ^_^

(Note that if you're choosing to wear light armor instead of no armor, you'll probably lose your monk AC bonus unless you're using a monk archetype that allows it, AND your armor's max Dex bonus will limit how much benefit you can get from Confident Defense.)