[RPG] Can a forge cleric use Artisan’s Blessing to make diamond rings


Our forge cleric wanted to manufacture diamond rings and use the diamonds later for raise dead and similar spells.

Artisan's Blessing states that the end product must include some kind of metal. The metal used as material for the ritual then magically forms even the non-metal parts of the product.

Can the cleric keep using this feature to basically convert coins to diamonds?

Best Answer

A diamond is not a metal object

While David offers a great answer to making it work, I'm going to offer the other side of the Artisan's Blessed coin; I don't think this is the intended purpose. Magic has a component cost for a reason, and you're trying to abuse a class feature as a loophole to get around this.

You conduct an hour-long ritual that crafts a nonmagical item that must include some metal: a simple or martial weapon, a suit of armor, ten pieces of ammunition, a set of tools, or another metal object.

A diamond ring is not a weapon, a suit of armor, a set of tools or ammunition, so it must fall under 'another metal object'. If you are making a ring purely for the diamond contained within, you're not really making a metal object, are you? Once your DM allows you to create a cheap brass ring with an expensive 99.9 GP diamond in it, this feature essentially reads "you can create any mundane object costing less than 100 gp".

Need rope? "Yeah I'm making a grappling hook with 900 feet of rope, and then I'm cutting the hook off."

Need perfume? "Yeah I'm making a perfume bottle with perfume in it, with a metal stopper."

Need a chest? "Yeah I'm making a wooden chest with a metal lock on it."

While your DM obviously has the final say in all matters, and some DMs will allow this kind of thing, the feature says you can make a metal object, not "anything you want, with some cheap metal attached."

Want to store your diamonds? You can use your artisan's blessing feature to make rings worth no more than 100 GP out of metal with an opening, and then afterwards manually add an existing diamond to it.

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