[RPG] Can Genasi derive from stock other than human


Inspired by this question: Can Tieflings derive from stock other than human?

Crudely speaking, tieflings are half-human, half-devil. However, as the answer to the other question points out, non-human half-devils/demons exist, such as the Fey'ri, who are half-elven, half-demon.

Genasi are half-human, half-genie (again, crudely speaking). Are there any non-human half-genie races, such as a half-elven, half-genie race or a half-dwarven, half-genie race?

I'm not that interested in a specific setting, but if setting matters, let's go with the Forgotten Realms (or at the very least, not Eberron/Ravnica).

Best Answer

Genasi can be from another race than human. You can see the description of genasi from the Elemental Evil Player's Companion, pg. 7 (under "Heirs to Elemental Power"):

A given genasi might have some features reminiscent of the mortal parent (pointed ears from an elf, a stockier frame and thick hair from a dwarf, small hands and feet from a halfling, exceedingly large eyes from a gnome, and so on).

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