[RPG] Can you place something living in a bag of holding


I don't have any rule books to read and the last rule book I had was dnd 2e, but this question came up at lunch today at work. Is it possible to place live objects in a bag of holding. For instance, say I wanted to smuggle my dwarf friend into a building. Could I place him in the bag of holding, carry him into the building and then retrieve him? What about a creature. Maybe I would like to take a rabbit into a building that has a no rabbit policy. I can't just chain him up to the rail outside. So could he be placed in a bag of holding?

Best Answer

Yes, you can do this.

As long as the creature is 200# or less and less than 20 cubic feet in volume.

I believe it is currently undefined as to the air requirements of a living creature so if you're going to keep them in the bag for a longer length of time, you'll need a ruling from your DM.