[RPG] Does Elemental Wild Shape work like regular Wild Shape


A Druid of the Circle of the Moon gets a feature called Elemental Wild Shape which allows them to transform into elementals. I couldn't find anywhere that said one way or the other, do the usual restrictions of Wild Shape apply to Elemental Wild Shape? For example, can a Druid cast spells while shapeshifted into an elemental?

If not, the Beast Spells feature allows a Druid to cast spells while shapeshifted, but specifically mentions beast forms. Can a Druid with the Beast Spells feature cast spells while in elemental form?

Best Answer

Elemental Wild Shape just grants access to different forms for you to Wild Shape into. As such, it's limited by all the restrictions and gains all the benefits of normal Wild Shape.

To answer the second half of this question, we need to know if Beast is a keyword, or if it's simply a general descriptor that could apply to anything we Wild Shape into. The answer to this is that yes, Beast is a keyword monster descriptor.

However, that is thankfully irrelevant. The text under Beast Spells refers primarily to Wild Shape, and has ancillary text that refers to Beast Shape. However, based on the text in Wild Shape, I believe that they are used in the text interchangeably and thus should be applied interchangeably for the rare case where you are not in a Beast form.

So yes, you can cast spells while an elemental using Beast Spell.