[RPG] Does the Hunter ranger’s Colossus Slayer feature work with an opportunity attack


The Hunter ranger can choose the Colossus Slayer option for their 3rd-level Hunter's Prey feature.

Suppose that on my turn, my Hunter ranger hits my opponent and gets to use Colossus Slayer. Then on the enemy's turn, they turn around and run away, giving me an opportunity attack. My opportunity attack hits. As the hit is occurring on the enemy's turn, does that mean I can use Colossus Slayer twice in a round, once on my turn and once on the enemy's turn?

Colossus Slayer states that its damage is "only once per turn". As Colossus Slayer does not explicitly state that it happens on "your turn", I can see some room for confusion or debate over this.

Does the Hunter ranger's Colossus Slayer feature work with an opportunity attack?

Best Answer


As you've noted, Colossus Slayer limits to only once per turn. If the opportunity attack occurs off your turn, then you can use it again because you are not using it 'on your turn.'

Do note that you still only get one Reaction, so you effectively you can really just do this twice per round (once on your turn, once off your turn with a reaction spent.)