[RPG] Eldritch Blast with multiple beams and Agonizing Blast on a single target: Cha Mod just once


Agonizing Blast allows a Warlock to add Cha mod to EB damage. Two questions:

  1. At higher levels, when directing multiple beams at a single target, does it work like Magic Missile, where the modifier is added only once per target (with Empowered Evocation)?
  2. Does each beam that hits trigger a concentration check, or, like MM, is considered a single source of damage?

I'm leaning towards "yes" on both because each beam involves a separate attack roll, unlike MM. So, in that sense, it's more like a Warrior's multi-attack than a spell.

Best Answer

Each beam is a separate attack in this case. So

  1. Different from Magic Missile. Because each is a separate attack, it's almost like treating it as a separate instance of the spell. It's a separate damage roll to so you add your CHA mod to each instance (magic missile is one damage roll per target).

  2. Yes. Again, because they are separate attacks, each beam you target at an opponent, that hits, triggers a new concentration check.

You're exactly right on the comparison, this is a multi-attack spell, rather than multiple damage units like Magic Missile.