[RPG] How to deal with overzealous questioning from one player


So I'm playing a home brew scifi game where one of the players is playing a scientific character who collects a bunch of samples. That's all fine and good, but the problem is that he want really specific details. I don't want to just ignore him and the basic focus point of his character, but he keeps asking questions about the same thing for up to 20 minutes (literally). The other players are really annoyed by this, but since I told them the research provides bonuses to combat they seemed to at least be able to tolerate it. Is there a way I could make this either less annoying for them or at least move him along off the topic without making him feel unwanted?

Best Answer

To be clear, he's asking for details on these samples he's collecting? I would say if he's that interested in a detailed list, then have him make it up himself. You would have to approve, of course, but just say something like, "You collect a variety of samples to help with your research. Go ahead and make a list of samples that you think would be appropriate." It sounds like he would be the type of player that could really run with this creativity. Plus, it ties his character more closely to the narrative, and that's always a good thing.