[RPG] How to screen new players to make sure they are a good fit for the game


I'm looking to start a new Savage Worlds campaign and I need a full set of players for it. I've played in games before and ran a couple of one-shots, but I've never GMed a full campaign. There's already a meetup group for RPGs in my area, so I don't think I'll have a hard time finding players.

However, how can I make sure the players I pick are players I want in my campaign? I want this to be a more serious, mature game than other games I've played in and I need players that can handle this while also being respectful to each other.

So how can I screen potential players without making them feel like it's a job interview?

Best Answer

On the one occasion we started a new group from scratch, we all went out to dinner together, during which we talked about what we were looking for in a game and did some basic worldbuilding. Also, it meant hanging out in a social situation and just getting to know each other. If it didn't end up working out, I believe it would be a softer rejection this way, either with me deciding it was the wrong group for me or with the rest of us potentially deciding to leave someone out.

It was clear that this was sort of a casual gamer interview for each other, but not in the high stakes way that a job interview would be. In our planning email, I was upfront about just making sure that we had some basic social compatibility.