[RPG] If I were to cast a spell limiting reactions (shocking grasp), does that mean the target can’t make a saving throw


The shocking grasp cantrip states that the target can not take reactions until the start of its next turn. Therefore, the target should not be able to cast spells like absorb elements and shield.

However, are saving throws considered reactions?

If they are, someone could cast a spell using a saving throw against a target who can't take reactions and theoretically they would automatically fail because of the inability to take a reaction. Through my knowledge, it never states anywhere that a saving throw takes a reaction; it's just a roll.

Best Answer

Saving throws aren't reactions

Reactions are a special type of action you can take in response to something, i.e. when a rule says you can use your reaction. They are part of the action economy, as you only get one per round (See PHB 190 for the general definition of reactions).

Saving throws are a type of roll you are forced to make by some rule, feature, or effect. You make them when a feature says you need to make a saving throw with no limit on how many you may be forced to make per round. You can find the general definition of saving throws on page 179 of the PHB.