[RPG] Is it possible to play as a necromancer skeleton


I am a new DM. One of my players, my boyfriend, wants to be a necromancer skeleton that basically can't die, sort of like Voldemort with the horcrux.

We are starting off at level 1.

Is it at all possible to do, and if so, how would you do it?

I'm trying to be extremely careful not to make him overpowered, as I have played sessions with couples and the PC always gets overpowered, and it drives me nuts.

Best Answer

RAW, this isn't possible.

There are limited choices available for RAW races, and being an undead skeleton isn't one of them.

Given that you are just starting out as a DM, I highly recommend sticking with the vanilla rules as much as possible as you learn the system. This does mean asking your players to limit themselves as well to what they can build normally. And while there may be playtest material (like Unearthed Arcana) out there that fits a desired theme, I think you might have an easier time either reskinning for flavor an existing race, like the Warforged Dan B's answer, or working with the player on a new concept.

But it doesn't mean they can't have goals

Your boyfriend can still want to become what he's asking here. And it sounds like he kind of wants to be a lich. Here is a good question about how a PC can become a lich.

That's definitely an aspiration (which is awesome, character goals make roleplaying interesting), but also be wary of your table dynamics. If you aren't running an evil campaign (which I also recommend against for your first time DMing), then this isn't a great goal for him.

Making sure you and your table (including your boyfriend) are having fun is the most important thing. But it's also your job to make sure someone's fun isn't ruining someone else's. This sometimes take place in the form of My Guy Syndrome. I'm not saying that's where this might be heading, but it's something to be aware of.

Wizard - Necromancer

Just a quick heads-up that if they do go the route of Necromancer, or any other class that uses minions, you'll need to account for those minions in both your world and your encounters. Be fair (but still account for your world) in both cases, but in the latter you will likely need to step up the difficulty.

I've got a friend playing a Necromancer and he doesn't take his minions into cities or towns. It makes it a bit harder to get them up and going in combat, but he tries to be realistic about how the world will react to his skeletons.

Begin with a Session Zero

A good way to get everyone on the same page is to run a Session Zero.