[RPG] Is the Fighter the only one who gets more attacks per round now


So, looking at the classes, I see that the Fighter is the only one who lists Extra Attack in his table. I notice the Monk also gets one as a bonus action, and possibly two more by spending a ki point (to a total of three, not four).
What happened to dual weapon fighting? Does the ranger no longer get more attacks?

Best Answer

Most martial classes get extra attacks, though not as many as the fighter (The Rogue is an exception to this, they do not get one).

Rangers get a second attack, as do certain types of Bards, Warlocks and other classes.

A full listing of all the the classes that get extra attacks would be more than is appropriate here, but many classes get it.

Two weapon fighting is available to any PC. When you make an attack with a light melee weapon, you may spend a bonus action to take an attack with a light melee weapon in your other hand, but you don't add your ability score to the damage of this attack.