[RPG] Ravenloft Campaign Setting for 4E that ISN’T the board game


I've searched far and wide for a 4E Ravenloft setting. I played it once in 3.5's "Return to Castle Ravenloft" and fell in love with Barovia and the setting (even though Strahd was a total pushover in the end!) About a year ago when I heard about the Castle Ravenloft board game I got excited and assumed this was what I had been waiting for, but it was not meant to be.

I know I've read on the official D&D website that there is going to be a revival of older settings (such as Dark Sun) and wanted to know if it extended to Ravenloft as well? If not, is there a good homebrewed conversion for 4th Edition? I've looked for information regarding both, but my searches have left me wanting.

Best Answer

2010 GenCon Preview mentions The Ravenloft Roleplaying Game in Q4 2011, (it's mentioned at 58:00, and some questions are asked a couple minutes later) it's a separate RPG, but Fully Integratable with D&D4e, so I suppose that does count as campaign setting.