[RPG] spell that creates a treant


Is it possible for a PC to create a treant without using a spell like wish or miracle or an epic spell?

Best Answer

Spells that create a treant

The 7th-level druid spell changestaff [trans] (Player's Handbook 208) allows the caster to turn a specially prepared walking stick into a virtual treant. Similarly but less portable, the 6th-level druid spell liveoak [trans] (PH 248) creates an ersatz treant guardian when a druid's near a sacred space.

More frighteningly, the 9th-level wu jen wood spell arboreal transformation [trans] (Complete Mage 95) for 1 day/level changes a creature into a treant that obeys the wu jen's commands; when the duration expires, the creature becomes a normal tree.

…And, as alternatives, magic items that produce a treant

The sapling club (Arms and Equipment Guide 115) (32,450 gp; 3 lbs.) is a +1 club that the wielder can command to become for up to 12 rounds/day a treant, and the seeds of the treant (AE 136) (15,300 gp; 0 lbs.) brings forth from the planted seeds instantaneously a for-reals treant… over whom the planter has no control. (Apparently the Guide had a serious thing for treant-themed items. I mean, also see the staff of trees (AE 127) (120,000 gp; 4 lbs.). Who knew?)