[RPG] Standard attack vs full attack at low level


At a low enough level that a character only has one BAB, is there any incentive to using a full attack, or is it more advantageous to hang on to the move action and use a standard attack?

Best Answer

It matters for some characters

If you have, for example, Two-Weapon Fighting, Flurry of Blows, Rapid Shot, or haste, you may have more than one attack even though you have low BAB. You would need a Full-Attack to use those. Even with only one attack, some characters (e.g. a 3rd-level Swordlord Fighter) can get other benefits from making a Full Attack, and therefore may Full-Attack for just one attack, burning their Move action for the sake of that bonus.

But if you have only one attack and don't have any other special feature that references Full Attacks, there is no reason to choose to use one; you'd be burning your Move action for no reason.

Note that you do not choose between Attack and Full-Attack until after that first attack (assuming you still have a Move action to make the Full-Attack an option).