[RPG] the highest AC possible for a sorcerer


What is the highest Armor Class achievable for a Sorcerer with the Sorcerous Origin of Draconic Bloodline?

Player's Handbook Chapter 6 variant rules included. (Multiclassing, Feats, etc.)

Best Answer


  • Armor: Plate: 18 Base Armor Class (via MC, best recommendation is Life/War cleric)
  • Shield: +2
  • Weapon: Any finesse weapon. (See Defensive Duelist Feat)


  • Defensive Duelist: Adds proficiency to AC as reaction if wielding a finesse weapon you're proficient in.
  • War Caster: Allows casting while using weapons/shield. Important for utilizing the Defensive Duelist Feat while spell casting.

Class-features: (@wax eagle's comment)

  • Multiclass: Defense Fighting Style: +1 AC when wearing armor. (requires 1 level in Fighter, or 2 levels of Ranger or Paladin.)

Total with equipment, feats, class-features:

  • General Armor Class: 21
  • Melee Armor Class: 23/27 (Lv: 1 Proficiency / Lv: 20 Proficiency )


  • Shield: +5 AC (Casting Time: 1 reaction | Duration: 1 round)
  • Shield of Faith: +2 AC (requires multiclass of 2 levels in Paladin or 1 level in Cleric; Casting Time: 1 bonus action | Duration: 10 minutes, Concentration)

Total including spell casting:

  • General Armor Class: 28
  • Melee Armor Class: 25/29 (Lv: 1 Proficiency / Lv: 20 Proficiency )

If it's a melee attack you can make use of Defensive Duelist, otherwise you can cast Shield instead. Both are reactions so you can only utilize one per round.

Magic Items: See @Orvir's answer for magic items:

  • Staff of Defense: +1 (Lost Mine of Phandelver)
  • Ring of Protection: +1 (Lost Mine of Phandelver)

Grand Total

  • General Armor Class: 30
  • Melee Armor Class: 27/31 (Lv: 1 Proficiency / Lv: 20 Proficiency)