[RPG] the highest hit points that one character can have


By reading others questions like Highest damage in one melee attack and Highest AC possible.

How many hit points can a character have, and also highest achievable hit points possible in an instant?


  • We're looking at a level 20 character and no multiclassing.
  • Feats are allowed.
  • Magic items are those on the tables in the D&D 5th Edition DMG.
  • Spells, skills, feats and abilities available to a player character are eligible for use/consideration.
  • No other help from an ally.

Best Answer

Permanent Max HP: 465/560

In terms of permanent HP, you can't get better than a level 20 Hill Dwarf Barbarian with the following features:

  • Tough feat
  • Boon of Fortitude Epic Boon

...and the following magic items:

  • enough manuals of bodily health to have a Constitution of 30
  • a berserker's axe

This totals to 465 (or 560 with maximum rolls on hit dice):

145 from hit dice (240 with maximum rolls)
200 from Constitution
20 from Dwarven Toughness
40 from the Tough feat
40 from the Boon of Fortitude
20 from the berserker's axe

Temporary Max HP: 502-525/597-620

By using a luck blade to cast wish and replicating the effect of the following spells1:

  • Aid
  • Heroes' Feast

...our barbarian can gain additional hit points.

Heroes' feast provides between 2 and 20 HP (an average of 11)
Aid provides either 35 or 40 HP (depending on your interpretation of whether wish replicates up to 8th level or 9th level effects; see this Q&A)

All together, this yields 502-525 for average results on hit dice, and 597-620 for maximum results on hit dice.

1 credit to Medix2 in the comments

With Temporary Hit Points: 663-686/758-781

The most temporary hit points that can be achieved is by using luck blade once more, this time to replicate mass polymorph. The spell allows you to retain your normal hit points in the new form but gain temporary hit points equal to the HP of the new form.

The best beast form to assume is the huge giant crab found in the "White Plume Mountain" module of Tales from the Yawning Portal for 161 temporary hit points. Alternatively, if your GM rules that you need to choose a standard form, you can choose the giant ape for 157 temporary hit points.