[RPG] the level range of the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure


I am planning to run an introductory campaign with the scenario Dragon of Icespire Peak, and I would like to estimate how long it will going to take. However, there is nowhere in the book written about the level range of this scenario, unless I have missed some phrases.

What is the level range of the Dragon of Icespire Peak campaign? (I'm specifically interested in the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure, not any supplementary adventures outside the book.)

Best Answer

Dragon of Icespire Peak goes from 1st level up to 7th level

In the "Leveling Up" section of the "Running the Adventure" chapter, it gives the following information:

Characters advance in level by completing quests, using the guidelines for leveling up in the rulebook. Regardless of the number of characters in the party, the rate of advancement is as follows:

  • Characters gain a level each time they complete a starting quest, until they reach 3rd level. Once they are 3rd level or higher, completing a starting quest has no effect on their level.
  • Characters gain a level each time they complete two follow-up quests.
  • Characters gain a level if they slay Cryovain the white dragon.

There are three starting quests as shown in the "Starting Quests" section, although as it says above, completing two of will see your party to 3rd level, so you may skip one (or they can do it anyway but without earning a level from it).

Then there are six follow-up quests as shown in the "Follow-Up Quests" section, two of which are required to gain another level, so that's an additional three levels from these, taking your party up to 6th level.

Finally, killing the dragon also gives you a level. Even though this may happen at any point, it's more likely that this will be one of the last things the party will do, if not the last thing they do (when they're at 6th level). Hence this will finally see your party reach 7th level by the adventure's conclusion.

This means that Dragon of Icespire Peak will have your party still active in this adventure at 6th level (hence some places I've seen it listed as 1st-6th level, but that must be referring to the levels actually in play, rather than the level you'll reach by the end).

However, the next in the Essentials Kit series, Storm Lord’s Wrath, starts at 7th level, so I assume the intention is for the party to continue onto that adventure after completing Dragon of Icespire Peak (even though there's no narrative connection between the two, as far as I'm aware).

I personally do not have any experience running this (yet), so I can only guess how long it might take, meaning how many 4-5 hour sessions it would take, but I would guess that the party would likely reach 2nd level within the first session, 3rd level within the second session (probably half way through), and then roughly a level every two sessions after that, for a total of about 10 or so sessions. However, I will restate that this is a guess based on glancing over the adventure, not from any experience actually running it myself.