[RPG] the optimal build for AC for a fighter at Level 13


I like to take my characters to extremes when I can. In this instance I am building a fighter (weapon master) that will be the team's tank. I am interested in maximixing his AC, and secondly his health, as much as possible.

The highest AC I've been able to achieve is 30. This breaks down to:

  • 10 + 1/2 level (6): 16
  • Heavy Shield: +2
  • Hydra Wyvernscale Armor +3 (the best I can currently get is +3): 12

So, are there feats or other ways of increasing my AC?

Best Answer

A couple of things come immediately to mind:

Armor Specialization is a Paragon tier feat that gives you a +1 to AC while wearing a specific kind of armor.

If you are not already wearing Plate then that is something else to add.

To optimize health Toughness is an obvious one. There are also a couple of neck slot items that grant gobs of THP (Amulet of False Life for one). If you are con secondary (which if you are maxing out HP and AC then you probably are), then invigorating powers are must (you're trained in endurance right? right?)