[RPG] way for a fighter to see or locate invisible objects without the use of magic items


How can a fighter still see invisible objects while attending a soiree wherein at the door magic items are confiscated and active spells can be dispelled?

There's a quest in a special dimension where an artifact will be put up for auction. It is rumored that the item can be seen only via see invisibility, true seeing or other equivalent spells, but they can be dispelled on the spot.

I want to steal it but need to see it first.

Way One: A smart fighter finds a friend tattoer with Inscribe Magical Tattoo feat and pays him for See Invisibility Tattoo. Than he activates the tattoo, followed by casting Permanency spell by 11th level friend wizard. This application of permanency can be dispelled only by a caster of higher level than you were when you cast the spell ! Hah

Way Two: A smart fighter boosts his perception skill via feats, skill points etc.

Way Three: A psionic equivalent to See Invisibility or True Seeing, albeit not on an item as it'd get confiscated

Way Four: Acquire somehow scent ability to sniff out invisible artifact

Best Answer

Important thing to remember: Invisible does not mean formless or lacking mass.

This sort of issue with mundane ways to find invisible creatures and objects has existed since Tabletop games have begun.

Want a simple, low cost (but increasing time cost depending on the area that needs to be searched)?


Thats right, your common baking ingredient can foil invisibility (Though in combat it usually only aids in helping mark a target until they move/remove the flour. You still take fighting a concealed enemy penalties.)

If anyone wishes to rules lawyer you because they want to force you to use magic in a no magic zone keep in mind the following:

  • You are a fighter
  • Mundane can beat magical
  • Invisibility is not a world altering spell, nor is greater invisibility. It only affects sight
  • The object still possesses mass and thus occupies space
  • The flour must do one of the following on contact: show an outline of the invisible object or hide the flour. It cannot allow the flour to pass through without the item being mass-less (and then you would have an entrely different issue. How does one grab what does not exist)

Is spreading any sort of substance around going to necessarily be the cleanest way to do something in a social situation? No, thats where good ROLEPLAY in a ROLEPLAYING game comes in handy. Perhaps you pose as someone important who likes his snuff box despite being "highly allergic". Or wear elaborate clothes with plenty of room. Hell, hide it in a powdered wig. Or use the powdered wig. Use dancing streamers (less effective but they are long and can still touch an object an alter course, you just have to be paying attention.) Be the bumbling drunk using people themselves as your quick senses. Or get creative and use all or more of the same concept ideas.

Course you can always take the base concept (item has mass even if invisible) and run wild. Filling a mansion with water is a great way to make a splash. (invisible object will appear as a pocket of air)