[RPG] What feats expand a character’s critical range


What dnd 4e feats exist that expand a character's critical range? For example, my cleric took the paragon path Radiant Servant and was granted the feat Illuminating Attacks, which makes his radiant attack a critical on 19 or 20. I would like to know this to keep in mind for other characters that I may make in the future.

Best Answer

From a search on the compendium for "critical 19-20" under feats

  • Power of Luck: 19-20 for Bond of Censure, Holy Strike, Lance of Faith, Vanguard's Lightning
  • Ogremight Bruiser: Fighter, Ogremight Student, 19-20 on charging and 2h hammer (what's that, Mordenkrad and Avalanche hammer?)
  • Ogremight Ravager: Warlord, Ogremight Student, as above.
  • Steel vanguard captain: Warlord, 19-20 on certain encounter powers with 2h heavy blade
  • Steel Vanguard Soldier, Fighter, as above
  • Steel Vanguard Student, 19-20, 2h weapon, cleave and viper's strike
  • Defiling Adept, 19-20 on daily arcane with defiling
  • Phantasmal Destruction, 19-20 on wizard illusion powers with combat advantage. Note "Illusion Master" from mage, Illusion Master: When you hit or miss a target using an arcane illusion power, the target grants combat advantage for the next attack made against it before the end of your next turn.
  • Violent Joy: 19-20 on... ardent edge case. When you target a bloodied ally with your ardent surge and that ally regains enough hit points to no longer be bloodied, he or she can score critical hits with melee attacks on a roll of 19–20 until the end of your next turn.
  • Advantageous Perspective: Small creature, When you make a melee weapon attack, you score a critical hit on a natural roll of 19 or 20 against Large or larger creatures granting combat advantage to you.
  • Plunging Blade: Fighter, OA with light blade.

Epic Feats:

They fall into two categories: class based implement and stat based melee weapon. Most older classes have them. Some builds get royally screwed.

Implement Mastery:

  • Bard
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard
  • Avenger(special)
  • Swordmage
  • Psion