[RPG] Can you talk to something inside the wall of force spell


Our DM is super strict so I wanted to know if I could talk to something on the inside side of a wall of force spell if you use the sphere option.

An Invisible wall of force springs into existence at a point you choose within range. […] Nothing can physically pass through the wall. […]

Because it says nothing physical can pass through the wall, I wasn’t sure if he'd consider sound 'physical'.

Best Answer

It is dangerous to try and approach D&D magic with a physics interpretation. There is nothing in the spell that specifically prohibits communication, which would be a fairly common activity. It is so common that it would almost certainly be called out in the rules.

A DM is always free of course, to interpret the rules for their table (that is a large and expected part of their job), but trying to adjudicate the magic posited within the game with physics will almost certainly end in failure. Half Orcs and Half-Elves would be very unlikely given a knowledge of modern biology, for instance. Dragons would not be able to fly given their weight and surface area. And so forth.

It is magic, and it does what it does.