[RPG] make a worthwhile one-handed paladin


I would really like my pally to use just ONE weapon, and wield nothing in their other hand (or at least appear to do so), but I don't really see any thing that makes it beneficial at all. Using 2 weapons or a sword and shield just seem all around better. Is there anything that adds benefits to one weapon at all? Or is there an alternative to a shield that isn't an obvious weapon, like a glove or something?

Best Answer

No, there's no benefit to leaving an empty hand

Based on the latest playtest material of 2013.10.14 there is no incentive to leave a hand empty.

And logically, why would there be one? You have two arms, use them. If you miss a hand, just strap a shield to your forearm.

There is no official weapon that doesn't look like a weapon.